Research-Related Updates Regarding COVID-19

MU officials continue to closely monitor the novel coronavirus outbreak. Please refer to the Show Me Renewal and MU Alert websites for the latest updates and information.

Research News


Photo taken by O.N. Pruitt.Forgotten photos

Berkley Hudson, journalism associate professor emeritus, wrote a book about O.N. Pruitt, a white Mississippi photographer whose work juxtaposed Black and white communities in ways that were rare during the Jim Crow era.


Photo of deer.Making vintage trendy

The Griggs Innovators Nexus partners with the Missouri Student Unions and U.S. Bank to provide retail spaces for student businesses. See story and video featuring junior Grant Houston, owner of vintage clothing store Hype & Stripes.



ORED invests in our faculty’s success through ResearchFRST, faculty resources, support and training.

Our upcoming professional development workshops include: Federal Funding Priorities, Funding Your Research and Broader Impacts & Beyond.

Workshop Archive - When possible, our previous workshops have been recorded.